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University of Connecticut Health Center - Know Better Care VCell - The Virtual Cell

VCell User Guides

User Guide

Release version now has online help from within the VCell interface. From the Help top menu select “Help” to open the guide.

Click here for a Quick Start guide for Release.

html version of VCell help program (also available from Help menu of VCell software)


The tutorials have been provided to work in conjunction with the users guide for the release version of Virtual Cell. The tutorials lead the user step by step through the construction of the BioModel, Application and Simulation. There are public versions of the BioModels, Applications and Simulations available in the Tutorial folder. Go to File Open BioModel Model Neighborhood Tutorial folder.

Tutorial Guides (pdf)
simple FRAP
FRAP with binding
PH-GFP Translocation
Multiple Application of a Nuclear Transport Biomodel
Using Pathway Commmons
Video Tutorials
VCell Education YouTube Channel
VCell MultiApp Tutorial: Part 1. Creating Physiology
VCell MultiApp Tutorial: Part 2. Creating Geometry , (3D images for tutorial)
VCell MultiApp Tutorial: Part 3. Deterministic Spatial Simulation
VCell MultiApp Tutorial: Part 4. Exporting Data
VCell MultiApp Tutorial: Part 5. Estimating Parameters
VCell MultiApp Tutorial: Part 6. Stochastic Spatial Simulation
VCell FRAP Tutorial
VCell FRAP with Binding Tutorial
VCell PIP2 to IP3 Tutorial
VCell Using Pathway Commons
FRAP Video - web based Virtual Cell tutorial MPEG version (updated 4/2011)
FRAP Video - web based Virtual Cell tutorial QuickTime version (updated 4/2011)

The Virtual Cell, a project of NRCAM, is developed by the Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling (CCAM)